BET: Who Is Slaughterhouse?


The endless support for Hip Hop’s latest super-group continues as’s Andreas Hale delivers a massive story titled, “Who Is Slaughterhouse And Why You Should Care?”. A couple weeks now, after their monumental appearance alongside Nas in Michigan, the article starts by refreshing your memory as to how each emcee plays a part in the group. It goes without saying that the words “Death Row” and “Crooked I” go hand-in-hand as the author reminds us, but interestingly enough it was stated that Crooked I is best known for his “Hip Hop Weekly” series. This is sure to be a breath of fresh air to Crooked I fans as the curse of Suge Knight and his infamous label seem impossible to escape. The author gives credit to each emcee as having the ability to be one’s favorite artist and explains that they all have a similar past career wise. The group explains that they have formed this alliance for the pure love of Hip Hop and money and label politics are not a concern right now. Whether or not Slaughterhouse translates into a classic album is yet to be determined, but the group assures us that the possibility is real. Fans of Slaughterhouse should be excited about this story and should head over to and read the entire article in full!

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