Indie Film “Charlie” To Feature Crooked I


Several weeks ago it was announced on the forum that Crooked I’s music will be appearing in an upcoming film called “Charlie”. The B.O.S.S. Board was able to obtain information regarding the film directly from director Vincent Escobar. The film is a love story that revolves around the lives of Charlie, who Escobar will be portraying, and Katie (Jessica Perrault). The trials and tribulations of relationships and the ability to overcome heartbreak are explored in this film. Both characters have dealt with the pain of heartache in the past and must decide whether they will take another chance at relationships. However, when Charlie discovers he has cancer, Katie must decide if she will be able to overcome her fear of losing another loved one. While the movie is given an original score, Mr. COB himself gave the film his blessing. Escobar, a long time fan of Crooked I, has revealed that he will be using the songs “New West Anthem (NWA)” and “Freak (NC 17)” during a party scene. While fans will be excited by this news, I urge readers to check out this film either way. Escobar is passionate about his craft and has a great story to share. So please make sure to visit the film’s official page on MySpace for further information.

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