New Music From Slaughterhouse On The Way


As everyone knows, or should know by now, Slaughterhouse will be performing live at The Paid Dues Festival on March 28th. However, in a recent episode of Joe Budden TV that was filmed during their visit to Detroit, additional information has leaked out. Apparently, during their stay in Los Angeles, they will be hitting the studio and recording a ton of new material throughout March. Fans can expect to hear some of this new material leaking by the middle of March. One such song, the highly anticipated “Wack MCs” is in the process being completed as we speak. Additionally, Crooked I mentioned a song that he recently completed with Tech N9ne which is to appear on his own project. From the sounds of it, a lot of great music is on the way. Stay tuned as usual for new music and updates on Slaughterhouse’s progress in taking over the game!

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