Crooked I Opens Up To Fans About Shooting


In a tell all interview to MTV News, Crooked I comes clean with his friends and fans about the incident that took place this past Friday. Crooked I explains that an attempt was made on his life during what he believed was an interaction with his fans. While Crooked I is still holding back certain details in an attempt to maintain “street code”, he believes that he may have been set-up in the incident. Apparently the drama started when a fan approached Crooked I with a camera phone and asked for a shout out. Being that Crooked I is loyal to his fans, he began doing just that as he heard shots ringing out in his ear. Crooked I admits that the incident could be coincidental, but seems to be thinking out all angles. The legendary emcee states that he will be laying low for a while, but wants this incident to be reflected in his music. Crooked I wants to be able to leave his fans with a body of work that has the potential to change the world. It certainly seems that in the light of this event the “gangster emcee” is going to look at life a little bit differently. However, no one can blame him and his fans should support him in any choice he makes regarding this situation. We here at The B.O.S.S. Board continue to send our thoughts to Crooked I and his family during this difficult time and our relieved to not have lost another legend to the game.

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