Crooked I Opens Up To Wake Up Show


Crooked I recently called into “The Wake Up Show” to weigh in on the alleged attempt on his life that took place last week. Crooked I explains to host King Tech that the incident started when a fan approached him asking for a “shout out” on his camera phone. Almost instantaneously, shots began to ring out in Crooked I’s ear. At that point, both parties took off in their own direction. While this could be coincidental, one can only assume if the whole situation was set up. Crooked I speculates that perhaps the “fan” was tied to the incident and wanted to use the footage to get his own name out. Even more interesting, Crooked I explains that a fan actually sent him a package containing a bullet-proof vest several months ago. Tech asks Crooked I whether he believes if the two incidents are connected, but because everything has happened so quickly he can offer no explanation. Crooked I explains that the incident has thrown him into such a whirlwind that he almost considered retiring. While Crooked I is not totally set in that notion, he is certainly going to reinvent himself now. As we have mentioned before, we here at The B.O.S.S. Board totally support any decision Crook makes, but no one wants to see the big homie retire. Check out the full interview with the Wake Up Show on their website it is very deep!

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