Crooked I Releases Statement


As everyone knows by now, it was alleged that Crooked I was shot on Friday night. Early this morning, Crooked I released a statement via that he is alright and trying to get to the bottom of the situation. While Crooked I does not provide any further insight into this rumor, he just wants to let his fans know that “physically” he’s good. He is keeping the situation under wraps and believes that it would be better to leave these events behind him. No one should be upset with Crooked for feeling this way, we all understand. Crooked wants to thank all his fans for sending their support and prayers to him in the the last 48 hours. We here at The B.O.S.S. Board continue to send our support and thoughts to Crooked and his family in this difficult time. With that being said, hopefully Crook can bless us with some new rhymes in the near future!

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