Prodigy Taking Shots At Crooked I?


It would appear that Mobb Deep’s incarcerated member Prodigy, may be taking a jab at Crooked I in his latest letter home. Apparently, Prodigy was reading Vibe Magazine’s “Best Rapper Alive” article and states that he disapproves of the emcees listed to say the least. Prodigy says, “I would personally bitch slap all 920,000 of these voters if given the opportunity. Who in the fuck picked Crooked I … How did Vibe approve of this?”. Some may say that Prodigy is simply voicing his opinion as he goes on to list his own top 40 emcees in the game, but it is unlikely a comment like that would go ignored. While it is unknown whether Crooked I will respond to this comment, any Hip Hop fan would agree that this could prove to be the start of something interesting.

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