Slaughterhouse Semi-Confirms “Rock The Bells”


A while back we ran an article stating that Slaughterhouse will be appearing at Guerilla Union’s “Rock The Bells” tour. However, it seems that perhaps the information leaked prematurely and now the super-group is leaving the show’s roster as a surprise. In a recent Interview with HipHopDX, Crooked I states that it’s a “possibility” that the group will make an appearance, but no promises yet. For those of you that are not familiar with “Rock The Bells”, it is an international tour that features Hip Hop’s best. Past acts have included Nas, Mos Def, De La Soul and The Wu-Tang Clan among others. There is no doubt that this event would be incredible exposure for the group, so make sure to keep your fingers crossed. We will have to wait until April 7th to get the final roster confirmation, but make sure to check out HipHopDX’s article in the mean time for further information.

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