Slaughterhouse To Appear In Upcoming XXL


Today is a busy day for the super-group as a third piece of information presented itself to the fans. Slaughterhouse will be appearing in an upcoming issue of XXL Magazine and have been granted a six page spread. Apparently, the word leaked out from Culture VI, that a photo shoot was in progress. For those of you who are not familiar with Culture VI, they are an independent music label that has been covering Slaughterhouse’s latest moves. Culture VI recorded the photo shoot and should be providing it in the coming days. At this time it is not confirmed whether the feature will be in next months issue or the one to follow. This is a great look for the super-group as XXL appears to have cosigned the crew since day one. Make sure to visit XXL’s website for past online features covering Slaughterhouse. As far as the upcoming appearance goes, we will provide more details as they become available!

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