Slaughterhouse Watches & Apparel


You would think that fans would be content with a Slaughterhouse t-shirt, but now you can pick up the official watch as well! FLuD Watches recently unveiled the FLuD X Slaughterhouse Big Ben watch on their website and have announced that it will go on sale this weekend at The Paid Dues Festival. The watch features a slaughtered pic graphic, which is being labeled as the Slaughterhouse “logo”, as well as an onyx dial, gold bezel and indices. However, if a watch simply isn’t your taste and you are content with a t-shirt, those will also be available at the Paid Dues Festival as well. If you are unable to attend Paid Dues you should be able to pick up your own Slaughterhouse watch this summer at major retailers around the country. Make sure to check out FLuD Watches official website for information on where you can purchase their items.

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