WIDEawake Entertainment Press Release


In our last news update we announced that Crooked I was in talks with the new owners of Death Row Records, WIDEawake Entertainment, to obtain his unreleased catalog. Interestingly enough, WIDEawake Entertainment recently announced their plans for the legendary catalog in a press release. During the Canadian Music Week conference (03/11 – 03/14), WIDEawake’s CEO Lara Lavi is planning a series of interviews to discuss the issue. Furthermore, she has announced that Entertainment One (Koch) will continue to distribute Death Row’s material and act as a marketing partner. Additionally, she has announced that they have launched WIDEawake – Death Row Entertainment LLC with former Death Row engineer John Payne as Vice President. Now on to the interesting part, the company plans to launch an online portal where fans can purchase unreleased Death Row Records material including, but no limited to work from the late Tupac Shakur. While there is no mention of Crooked I in the press release, there is no doubt that they will consider him in this decision as he has recently reached out. These are exciting times for all fans of Death Row Records and should prove to be the push we have all been waiting on.

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