WIDEAwake Entertainment Talks Crooked I


In a brand new interview with WIDEAwake Entertainment’s Lara Lavi and John Payne, HipHopDX gets the inside scoop on their plans for the legendary Death Row catalog. Firstly, for those of you that are not aware, WIDEAwake recently purchased the Death Row catalog for $18 million in a highly publicized auction. Now, the Canadian based music label plans to update the classics and finally release unheard material by artists such as Crooked I, 2 Pac and Danny Boy among others. In fact, Lavi states that the label has already sat down with artists such as Crooked I and even Snoop Dogg to negotiate business ventures for their unreleased projects. When it comes to Crooked I’s music, Lavi states that she is excited about the material she’s heard so far and wants both him and the fans to trust her intentions. In fact, Lavi is toying with the idea of offering new recording deals to former Death Row artists like Crooked I to bring new life to their music. Whether Crooked I and other former inmates from Death Row plan on proceeding with these deals is yet to be seen, but there is certainly big plans for the catalog either way. For the entire interview and information regarding their plans to update Dr Dre’s classic “The Chronic” album and release previously unheard 2 Pac material, hit up HipHopDX.

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