Crooked I & BQ Are “One Hit Away”


BQ, an emcee hailing from Florida, has recently announced that his latest album titled “T.R.A.V.O.L.T.A.” features none-other-than Crooked I. The track, which is called “One Hit Away”, also features producer and rapper XL Middleton. For those of you who are not familiar with BQ, the California born emcee not only devotes his music to Hip Hop, but is also a Ground Combat Instructor in the military. BQ rejects mainstream Hip Hop and focuses his musical style on lyricism which is becoming a rarity these days. As for the album, additional features include Tangled Thoughts, Craig G, Mykill Miers and AK. Make sure to pick up the project when it drops this July and head over to BQ’s official MySpace page for further information.

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