Crooked I Links Up With Rhyme Addicts


Recently it has come to our attention that Crooked I will be appearing on a brand new track with Rhyme Addicts called “Weapons”. The track which is produced by State Of The Art is to appear on their upcoming project titled “Showtime”. The track outline’s each emcee’s lyrical ability in the form of a weapon, thus the tracks title. Crooked I delivers his razor sharp flow and wordplay once again and it is illustrated the second his verse begins. Crooked I rhymes, “I’m from LA, call me a Los Asshole, sarcastic bastard with the ammo, that’s for damn sho! Shoot you at your damn show, calico knock you off the stage, into the back row!” Although the track is not available for listening yet, those lines should be enough to hype up fans and get them ready for one hell of a ride. Rhyme Addicts explain that they were not trying to make a commercial splash with this record, they simply wanted to link up with a true lyricist and demonstrate their craft. Fans of Rhyme Addicts will be able to witness their skills in person on May 16th at The Karma Lounge in Ventura, California. In the meantime, look out for “Weapons” which should be dropping soon, so make sure to head over to Rhyme Addict’s official MySpace page for further information.

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