Lil Flip And Crooked I Keep It Gangster


As we announced several months back, Lil Flip and Crooked I have recorded a track called “Gangster” which will be appearing on Flip’s upcoming project titled “Ahead Of My Time”. There’s no doubt about it, the title of the track certainly fits the song’s theme. Of course Crooked keep’s it lyrical as usual, but tends to follow Flip’s lead and put down some hard hitting street rhymes for this joint. While Crooked puts it down for the Circle of Bosses, fan’s will be interested to know that Crooked shout’s out incarcerated rapper “Tray Deee” as the realest emcee to represent the East Side. This is not the first time that Crooked and Flip shared the microphone though. Some fans may remember their joint performance this past January in San Diego, California titled “Bosses Night Out” which is when this track was first announced. Make sure to check out the song with the link provided below and stay tuned for Lil Flip’s upcoming project set to drop later this year.

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