Slaughterhouse Appears In XXL’s May Issue


Slaughterhouse fans head to your local newsstand and pick up the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine. The super-group appears in the heavily anticipated Eminem-covered issue, but not in the form you would expect. While many fans may have been expecting an in depth interview, the rappers model clothing for the upcoming season. The shoot was done in the Cooper Projects in Brooklyn, New York where Joell Ortiz hails from. Although this may not be what fans were expecting, it is still great exposure for the group. Fans should not be upset with XXL for this choice, due to the fact they have given Slaughterhouse incredible exposure on their official website. Those who frequent are already familiar with new Slaughterhouse stories appearing almost every week. Make sure you support XXL for giving Slaughterhouse this exposure by picking up a copy of the magazine. If you can’t wait to check out the photos, head to our “Gallery” section to view scans of the images.

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