XXL: Slaughterhouse To The Frathouse


XXLMag.com has recently published a new article on the Slaughterhouse machine and compares them to possible super-groups of the future. The author ponders whether or not Slaughterhouse would have gained so much notoriety if they were formed five years ago. The article states that Slaughterhouse’s appeal is based on each emcee’s unique tale and their rocky past with the music industry. On the other end of the spectrum they creatively link together emcees such as Asher Roth, Drake, Kid Cudi and Bobby Ray. They make the comparison that although Slaughterhouse is based on trials and tribulations, a so-called “Frat Pack” could be used to build the path to Hip Hop’s future. Whether or not you agree with this assessment is for you to decide, but the article is quite interesting nonetheless. Head over to XXLMag.com to read the article in full and feel free to express your opinions in our forum.

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