Crooked I Joins The “Musical Revolution”


Recently The B.O.S.S. Board was able to catch up with the underground Hip Hop group Black Bannerz to learn about their upcoming project which features Crooked I. Firstly, the group consists of two emcees, one by the name of Holywar and the other Slave of the Almighty (S.O.T.A.). The group hails from Syria and are planning to drop their double album titled “Musical Revolution” later this year. Holywar explains that the album covers such topics as the conflicts in the Middle East as well as police brutality, hunger and several other serious issues plaguing our world. Interestingly enough, the group plans to release the album in both Arabic and English in an attempt to reach a wider audience. Additionally, as mentioned before, the group has also reached out to Crooked I to lace rhymes on their project. The track will be titled “Militant Minded” and is produced by the Syrian production team Orient Squad. Fans should certainly be looking forward to this collaboration, but there are several other known emcees featured on the project as well. The group was also able to reach out to artists such as Kool G Rap, Immortal Technique, Sean Price, Nino Bless, Scram Jones, Chino XL and several others. We encourage listeners to step outside the box and experience Hip Hop from another perspective by supporting this project. The Black Bannerz are very passionate about their craft, so make certain to visit their MySpace page for additional information and stay tuned for “Musical Revolution” later this year.

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