Joe Budden Reveals Slaughterhouse Details


This afternoon Joe Budden caught fans off guard by broadcasting a live question and answer session on JustinTV. While most of the video presentation was basic conversation, Budden did offer the fans some new details regarding the Slaughterhouse album. Firstly, Budden has confirmed that the album should be hitting stores on July 7th through Entertainment One (E1). He explains that the album was recorded in seven days due to the fact that the label wanted to capitalize off the “Rock The Bells Tour”. However, they are not focusing on selling a massive amount of copies in the first week. Their main interest is the “lifetime” of the project and how many copies they can sell in total. As far as the album itself is concerned, Budden assures fans that all the records will be brand new. However, he does mention that “Move On” could possibly end up as a bonus track. Even if “Move On” does not appear on the album, Budden tells fans that songs similar to it will indeed appear on the project. It appeared that most fans were concerned with feature appearances and production credits. Budden does not offer too many details, but does add that production by DJ Premier is a possibility. Although it is important to stress that he will not confirm this as a fact. When it comes to artist features, Budden explains that the group did not want to get involved with individuals from major labels. Understandably, the group and label did not want to get tied up with clearance issues. Finally, Budden assures fans that there will be a second Slaughterhouse album and that this is not a one time treat. Because of the great potential surrounding the group, fans should be excited about this news. Hopefully this is enough information to hold fans over for the next month, but in the event that additional information leaks you will find it here on The B.O.S.S. Board in future updates.

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