Slaughterhouse Album Taking Shape


Joe Budden finally decided to make an appearance on his official website JoeBuddenTV after taking some time off to spread the love on Twitter. Budden’s latest thread brings Slaughterhouse fans some incredible news regarding the upcoming album. Although it is unclear how many tracks are completed in all, Budden states that he has five records in his e-mail with verses and hooks from Royce Da 5’9 and Crooked I. Budden expands upon this update by stating that one record is produced by Alchemist and another by one of Dr Dre’s ghost-producers. Fans are already starting to speculate that the Dre-related producer is indeed DJ Khalil, but that is only a rumor at this point in time. Finally, Budden states that there is an ongoing bidding war regarding the Slaughterhouse album. Apparently many labels are showing interest in the project and are making the group various offers. This update is huge news for the Slaughterhouse movement and unfortunately like all updates, this one makes fans even more blood thirsty. Fans should expect the currently untitled album to drop around September, but a release date has not been set in stone. Make sure to keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board and JoeBuddenTV for further updates regarding this breaking story!

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