Behind The Scenes Footage From Video Shoot


That’s right, we are back with yet another update regarding the Slaughterhouse conglomerate. In footage recently leaked by Natty Photography, a sneak peak into the Rik Cordero directed music video for Slaughterhouse’s upcoming single is revealed. During this particular scene, we are able to catch a glimpse of the Slaughterhouse super-group living it up with a room full of models. This is not surprising given the backstage pass that Joe Budden offered fans during his latest live stream. Apparently the group is hoping to push this video to major media outlets and it appears that they will have no problem achieving airplay. Unfortunately, the video does not reveal the song itself as the footage is accompanied by a clip of the group’s song “Onslaught”. We must also point out that once again the single is reported using the name “The One”. Readers may recall that the group originally referred to the track using the title “Number 1” and it is unclear at this time which name will officially be used. This is yet another snippet into the most highly anticipated album of the year and there is no doubt that all eyes are on Slaughterhouse. Make certain to check out the footage using the link provided below and keep it locked for further updates regarding Slaughterhouse.

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