Crooked I E.P. Release Date Announced


As Slaughterhouse continued promotion week by meeting with several media outlets today, Crooked I revealed the release date for his upcoming EP. Crooked I will be releasing his highly anticipated “Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waste EP” on July 21st to help build hype for the upcoming self-titled release from Slaughterhouse. The EP is said to contain 6 songs including “Monumental”, a left-over from the Slaughterhouse album. It is rumored that the nearly legendary track “We Outta Here” by Slaughterhouse will also be appearing on the EP. However, that is an uncertainty at this time as it was also offered to Joe Budden for his “Escape Route” project also dropping this summer. At this time, it is unclear which retail outlets will be releasing the Crooked I EP. Fans will recall that his “Block Obama II EP” was released through digital outlets such as iTunes and Amazon’s digital music store. For those of you who are not aware, Crooked I has been labeled “Mr. Pig Face” due to the fact that he introduces himself wearing a pig-mask during Slaughterhouse performances. This mask is an obvious tribute to Slaughterhouse’s widely recognized logo. While we can not provide additional information regarding Crooked I’s project, we are certain that additional information will present itself as we approach the release date. Be certain to pick this EP up when it becomes available and visit music stores on August 11th to purchase the soon-to-be classic Slaughterhouse album.

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