Crooked I & Raekwon Talk Rock The Bells


Hip Hop Official recently released a new video of Raekwon of The Wu-Tang Clan and Crooked I speaking on the upcoming “Rock The Bells Tour”. This is actually the second time that the two emcees sat down for a video interview, some readers will remember the first clip put out by Guerilla Union. In this new installment, the two emcees speak on how excited they are about the upcoming tour and how it’s a blessing to grace the stage. Raekwon goes on to praise Crooked I’s lyrical ability and give pointers for his upcoming performances. Additionally, Raekwon states that he would love to get on stage with Crooked and perform a track that the two emcees have together. Whether or not they are referring to “Yes Sir” which also features Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah is unclear at this point in time. Make certain that you check out the video in full using the link included below as it’s a good look for both emcees.

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