Culture VI Releases New Crooked I Interview


Culture VI has finally revealed the highly anticipated sequel to their in depth interview with Crooked I. During this portion of the video, Crooked I touches on subjects such as the recent and past attempts on his life. Additionally, Crooked I explains the trials and tribulations of keeping one foot in the industry and one foot in the streets. Crooked I goes on to state that he must re-evaluate his tactics and his approach to life, because there are those who would take advantage of how comfortable he’s become. This portion of the interview is a lot more personal as Crooked I touches on subjects such as his brother getting shot and his own near-tragedy being broadcasted online. Fans should appreciate Crooked I’s honesty and recognize the truth in his words. On a lighter note, we get a brief glimpse of Crooked I kicking it in the studio, but unfortunately do not witness him approach the microphone. Please make certain to check out this interview as Culture VI has invested a lot time into putting it together. Make certain to keep it locked for further updates and use the link below to check out Culture VI’s project.

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