It’s The Real: The Slaughterhouse Rules


Due to popular demand, we had to feature Slaughterhouse’s latest “video” presented by It’s The Real on our front page this afternoon. While we do not wish to spoil the surprise for those of you who have not caught this feature, the group reveals their “softer” side to the female fan base. While it is unknown what exactly possessed the super-group to record this video, there is no doubt that they have given the fans a good laugh. In all seriousness, you have to admire their ability to poke fun at themselves and prove that they are accessible to the mainstream Hip Hop fan. So without further adieu, we present the brand new and much more mature Slaughterhouse. Make certain to look out for their new album dropping this summer titled “Commitment Rings and Sh*t”.

The Slaughterhouse Rules
Behind The Scenes (Bonus Footage)

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