Slaughterhouse On The Grind (Video & More)


Today we are back with brand new details for the fans regarding the Slaughterhouse movement. This afternoon the super-group will continue their promotional campaign by meeting with several media outlets in order to spread awareness. The promotion continues through the weekend as the group is rumored to appear on DJ Kay Slay’s show this Friday and a possible appearance on Green Lantern’s show next week. In the midst of all their radio appearances and meetings, fans should be excited to know that the group will be filming the video to their first single this weekend. Although the single is said to be unmixed at this point-in-time, we have to assume that everything is still on schedule. When asked if the video is intended for television, group member Royce Da 5’9″ responded by saying, “I hope so, considering all the money we spent on the project.” He was then asked whether or not the single would be able to break into mainstream radio. Royce’s response stated that he believes the possibility is there, but as an artist he is too far removed to be certain. One would assume that the super-group would have no additional time for recording on top of their already busy schedule. However, they have discussed the possibility of jumping on the instrumental to Jay-Z’s latest hit “D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)” tonight. We are hoping that they will be able to release this song quickly as the fans would certainly appreciate it. Hopefully that’s enough information to calm the overly hyped Slaughterhouse collective. If you can not wait for the album, you can hear the group perform on this summer’s “Rock The Bells” tour. In fact, the group has recently announced that they would be joining the later European section of the tour. Please visit Guerilla Union’s official website for more information regarding tour as well as upcoming performance dates. Additionally, you can satisfy your “slaughter fix”, by picking up individual projects from every Slaughterhouse member dropping throughout the month of July. The self-titled Slaughterhouse project should be dropping on August 11th with 13 or 14 classic tracks. It looks like the Slaughterhouse machine is claiming the summer and ready to leave their stamp on Hip Hop history. In the mean time, make sure to keep your browsers locked to The B.O.S.S. Board as the updates keep rolling in.

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