“The One” Official Behind The Scenes Video


Once again we are back with another behind the scenes video of Slaughterhouse’s upcoming video for their lead single “The One”. Unlike previous clips, this is an official video put out by video director Rik Cordero of Channel Three/21. Within the footage we actually get to see finished clips of the video and hear additional portions of the song. After hearing this new preview, it is safe to assume that this song has great cross-over potential as it has a heavy rock influence. The song which has a radio ready hook certainly will grab listeners attention as it is a change from the monotony of modern day Hip Hop. As far as the video goes, fans seemed to be worried that Cordero would be delivering a low budget product. However, after viewing the newly leaked footage there should be no doubt that this video is capable of television rotation. We encourage readers to check out the behind the scenes coverage using the link included below. Please leave comments using our forum and keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for additional news updates.

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