XXL Keeps The Method Man Feud Alive


As everyone is aware by now, Slaughterhouse has been spending the week meeting with various media outlets and radio stations to discuss their upcoming album. However, one topic that keeps presenting itself is the non-beef between Method Man and Joe Budden. For those of you who are not aware, Joe Budden stated on a recent episode of “Joe Budden TV” that he was the superior emcee of the two and would be triumphant in a battle. Fans spread the word instantaneously and the rest was history. XXL found that it was important to focus on this particular topic instead of asking more relevant questions regarding the album. The article’s headline appears as if the magazine is insinuating a beef between the two groups, but when reading the quotes it is clear that Slaughterhouse has nothing but respect for The Wu-Tang Clan and Method Man. You can read the article by visiting XXL.com and make your own determination. Although the battle is an important piece of Hip Hop, unnecessary beef is destructive and will derail progress. Hopefully XXL’s video interview which will be appearing this afternoon will present Slaughterhouse in a more positive light.

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