XXL Recaps The Slaughterhouse Party


XXL.com continues to show their support for the Slaughterhouse movement as they have posted a new article regarding the listening session that took place last night. XXL’s Dallas Penn explains that the session was filled with everyone from industry insiders to your favorite bloggers. Notable sites that were represented included Nah’Right, ItsTheReal and Global Grind. The group previewed seven tracks from the album and it included everything that you would come to expect from the four emcees. Penn makes certain to squash the rumors that Slaughterhouse would not be able to construct concept based tracks. He states that the album includes songs such as “Rain Drops” where the group successfully pours out their emotions on the microphone. The article explains that Slaughterhouse has successfully produced a product that super-groups such as The Four Horsemen and the collaborative effort between Jay-Z, DMX & Ja Rule was unable to achieve. They are the essence of Hip Hop and remind us why we all became fans in the first place. Make certain to visit XXL.com to view the article in whole and check out the exclusive photos included.

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