New Song From Slaughterhouse Leaks


It is for better or worse that we must announce that a record from the upcoming album from Slaughterhouse has been leaked to the Internet. The song in question is titled “Cuckoo” and is produced by super-producer DJ Khalil. Although this release was not planned by the super-group, fans now have an opportunity to preview the record before August arrives. There is no doubt that fans will enjoy the originality of the record and it’s cutting edge lyrics. In fact, The B.O.S.S. Board recently attended a live Slaughterhouse event and we witnessed the crowd’s incredibly hyped reaction. However, that is the only review we will present regarding this epic song as words can not do it justice. If you are interested in previewing the song, please use the music player included below. Additionally, the song is available for download using an included external link. Remember to support real Hip Hop and the Slaughterhouse super-group when the album drops on August 11th. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates regarding the Slaughterhouse album.

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