Raptalk.Net’s Interview With Slaughterhouse


As promised, Raptalk.Net has delivered their new interview with the Slaughterhouse super-group. The video interview, which was filmed in Toronto, covers topics such as the group’s relationship with E1 (Koch) Entertainment, their hit single “The One”, the “Rock The Bells” tour and their upcoming self-titled album. The group also explains their musical vision and their approach to creating a classic record. They touch on issues such as the fan’s reaction to their music and the politics that take place within the record industry. As usual, fans can expect to hear Slaughterhouse speaking candidly and uncensored. We appreciate the hard work that went into creating this interview and urge readers to check out the video in full by visiting the link included below. In the meantime, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further information regarding Slaughterhouse and their album dropping on August 11th.

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