Rock The Bells Altercation Only A Rumor


Normally we do not invest time into reporting negativity and issues surrounding altercations on The B.O.S.S. Board, but when a rumor gets blown out of proportion it is important to clarify the issue. Earlier today reports began circulating regarding a possible outbreak of violence between Slaughterhouse and The Wu-Tang Clan before their Jones Beach “Rock The Bells” performance. Although several bystanders witnessed a back-stage peace conference between Joe Budden and Method Man, opposing sources have stated otherwise. In fact, several individuals attending the show stated that an abundance of police rushed back stage to break up the rumored scuffle. We have now received reports from both friends and associates of Joe Budden that no such event involving the two entourages occurred. Furthermore, Royce Da 5’9″ later stated on stage that the “beef” between Slaughterhouse and Wu-Tang has officially been put to rest. However, we must point out that an unrelated event that attracted viewer’s attention did indeed occur. At this time it is unclear as to who was involved and what instigated the possible violence. Our purpose for reporting this story is to diffuse additional tension between the two Hip Hop groups and their respective fan bases. We pride ourselves on reporting factual and accurate information in order to not mislead our readers. Fans can rest assured that the super-group is intact and the movement will continue to live on. Interestingly enough, the entire situation was later discussed by Peter Rosenberg and Slaughterhouse on Hot 97. If you are interested in hearing the recording please use the link included below. For further information regarding Rock The Bells and Slaughterhouse keep your browsers locked to our home page.

BONUS: Royce Squashing Beef On Stage

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