Slaughterhouse To Appear On XXL Cover?


Crooked I fans around the world clearly recognize the achievements that the emcee has been able to accomplish throughout his rocky, but ground breaking musical career. Now, the legendary emcee plans another milestone to place on his wall of achievements. The self-proclaimed, but rarely disputed “King of LA” has reached out to XXL to place his group Slaughterhouse on the cover of their magazine. While the group’s album doe not hit shelves until August 11th, Crooked I believes this is a definite possibility and urges the magazine to take serious consideration. While XXL has not stated whether they will take Crooked I up on his offer, they have not publicly declined his wish either. We are urging Slaughterhouse fans to reach out to the magazine and show their support for the super-group as their input could certainly make a difference. Additional news that has been leaked from XXL involves Slaughterhouse’s upcoming single titled “The One”. In XXL’s most recent news update, the magazine explains that Crooked I believes the single’s music video could be leaked to media outlets as early as next week. While this information has not been confirmed by the group’s label E1, we are keeping our fingers crossed. If you are interested in reading XXL’s news update in full, please use the link provided below and keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for additional information.

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