Slaughterhouse Track List Rumors Squashed


Recently a rumored track list to the upcoming album from Slaughterhouse leaked to the internet. While the song content seemed to be accurate, a new article from clears up some misconceptions regarding the album. Firstly, it has been stated that the critically acclaimed collaboration with M.O.P. titled Woodstock (Hood Hop) will not be making an appearance on the album. This comes as a surprise to many as this song is not only a fan favorite, but was originally said to be included by industry insiders. However, the new article does indeed confirm feature appearances by Novel on Raindrops as well as Pharoahe Monch on Salute Me. Whether or not you agree with the recent news regarding the track listing is up for debate. We can only assume that due to XXL’s credibility as a news source, that the information is accurate. Hopefully this news does not sway fan’s interest in purchasing the album on August 11th as it is sure to be a solid project regardless. If you can’t wait until the album is in stores, you can pre-order the project today on Best Buy’s website. Readers can also check out XXL’s full article using the link included below for additional information. In the meantime, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further information regarding this upcoming classic.

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