Crooked I Radio Interview With Montreal’s K103.7


Tonight Hip Hop fans in Montreal, Canada were blessed with a special radio interview as Crooked I appeared on K103.7FM with Nick Fury to promote his upcoming projects. The in-depth interview covered all aspects of Crooked I’s career from his appearances on the Big C-Style records, to being stranded on Death Row, then later linking up with Treacherous Records and finally forming the Slaughterhouse machine. Specific topics that Crooked I spoke upon included the upcoming release of his E.P. titled Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist, the affect of bootlegging records on an artist’s career, the now infamous tattoo situation and an upcoming Slaughterhouse tour in Canada. There are a few details that we will share from this interview. Firstly, Crooked I assures fans that the upcoming E.P. project is going to be strictly aimed at the streets. He relates the release to Ice Cube’s earlier work and seems extremely enthusiastic about it’s content. Secondly, as far as the Slaughterhouse album is concerned, Crooked I urges fans to pick up a copy on iTunes or as he is uncertain about how many copies will actually be available in stores. Please make it a priority to pick up two copies of the project no matter what format is made available to you. Finally, we would like to announce that the fourth installment of Crooked I’s 8/11 series should be surfacing on the Internet tomorrow. We can not include every aspect of the interview in this news update as it runs over forty minutes. To check out this incredible interview in full, please use the link included below to download a copy in MP3 format. As always, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further information regarding Crooked I and musical updates.

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