Slaughterhouse Discussions With Devi Dev


Once again, Hard Knock TV is back with yet another installment from Slaughterhouse’s interview on Devi Dev’s 93.5 The Beat radio show. The latest footage released to the Internet is set up in a question and answer format as opposed to the group’s freestyle session in the first installment. Interestingly enough, the footage that was released today was broken into two different sections. Although fans will find questions from the first segment slightly recycled, they will definitely enjoy Slaughterhouse’s humorous edge that was thrown into the mix. Topics that were discussed in the video include the group members’ solo careers, Crooked I’s infamous tattoo and facts that each emcee has learned about one another. In the second segment, the Slaughterhouse collective was asked to list individuals who are below, equal and above their level of skill. While several of the answers were presented on a serious note, it was clear that the crew could not keep a straight face on this topic. We encourage readers to check out the clips using the link included below at their earliest convenience. In the mean time, stay tuned for more updates regarding the super-group.


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