Slaughterhouse Plans To Tour Until January


It looks like Slaughterhouse is not going to have any time to rest in the near future. We have recently learned that twelve more shows have been added to the “Paid Dues / House Of Blues Tour” which is currently in progress. The tour is scheduled to take the group from New York to Seattle and every city in between. Although venues have not been listed for certain tour dates, we assure you that this information will be made available to fans in the near future. The “Paid Dues / House Of Blues Tour” is scheduled to run until the end of October and then the group will embark on another mission to take the nation by storm. Joe Budden recently announced via his Blog TV live stream that fans will be able to catch Slaughterhouse touring with the legendary Tech N9ne through October and November on a 47 city tour. Although additional information regarding that tour is unavaible at this time, you can rest assured that we will provide the necessary updates as they become available. Interestingly enough, it would appear that these are not the only tours that the super-group is planning. In fact, Joe Budden went on to state on his personal Twitter account that the group will be touring until January of 2010. It would appear that the group is giving fans every chance possible to catch them on stage, so do not worry if you missed this summer’s “Rock The Bells Tour” as many more opportunities are on their way. If you are interested in viewing the newly added “Paid Dues / House Of Blue Tour” show dates, please visit the link included below. As always, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for additional touring information regarding the super-group.

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