Slaughterhouse’s First Week Sales Announced


That’s right everyone, the first week sales count for Slaughterhouse’s debut project has now been announced. According to HITS Daily Double, the E1 Entertainment released project weighed in with a total of 22,255 copies sold. Although it is not specifically stated on HITS’ web site, we can only assume that these numbers include digital sales as well. Interestingly enough, there are sources that are now claiming that these numbers are not final. Fans should not be disappointed with these numbers as they are pretty solid considering the scale of the project. In fact, it was originally announced that only a mere 35,000 copies were shipped to retailers by E1 Entertainment. However, one week before the album’s release, Joe Budden stated on his Blog TV live stream that only 20,000 units were actually delivered. Assuming that information is correct that means that nearly all items were sold and digital copies played a big role in these numbers. We can only assume that if more physical copies were made available, that fans would have been comfortable making a purchase. Do not forget, that these numbers simply reflect first week sales and that supporters are still encouraged to visit local retailers and online stores such as iTunes. As Slaughterhouse continues their promotional tour, it is plausible that the total life time of this project could last for several months to come. If you are interested in viewing the album sales chart provided by HITS, please do so by visiting the link included below. In the mean time, continue to spread the word of Slaughterhouse’s album release and keep it locked for additional updates regarding this monumental release.

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