Crooked I Refutes WIDE Awake’s Claims


In a recent interview with All Hip Hop, Lara Lavi, the CEO of WIDE Awake Entertainment and owner of the Death Row Records catalog spoke on her relationship with Crooked I. In the interview Lavi hints that Crooked I was still signed to Death Row Records and currently negotiating to release his collaborative project with King Tech titled Group Therapy. Naturally, this news came as a surprise to fans who were already familiar with Crooked I’s battle in escaping Death Row’s grasp on his musical career. Interestingly enough, this news was especially shocking to Crooked I himself. In fact, Crooked I has now released a statement in response to Lavi’s allegations. Crooked I explains that he legally broke ties with Death Row Records in 2004 and does not plan to release any music through the record label. Furthermore, Crooked I states that he was approached to release music soley through WIDE Awake Entertainment and not through their Death Row Records branch. After nearly one year of litigation to break free from his Death Row Records’ contract, the emcee believes such a move would be a step backwards in his blossoming career. There has been much concern raised among Crooked I’s community of fans ever since Lavi’s statements hit the Internet. Hopefully, this recent clarification from Crooked I will put supporters mind’s at ease. If you are interested in reading the news update in full, please visit All Hip Hop using the link included below. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further Crooked I updates.

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