Slaughterhouse Fourth Week Album Sales


That’s right everyone, the fourth week album sales from Slaughterhouse’s debut project have been released. The super-group has reportedly pulled in an additional 2,800 sales bringing their current total up to an estimated 31,000 units moved. Unfortunately sales have fallen for the second week in a row and the album has dropped out of the Top 150. However, it is important to recognize that breaking the 30,000 units sold barrier is quite an accomplishment. For a project of this scale, fans should certainly be proud of the Slaughterhouse crew. By using the past data gathered from week to week, it is still reasonable to assume that the album’s fifth week sales will at least reach 2,000 units. Unfortunately, the group will not officially be on tour again until the beginning of October. While this could possibly hurt album sales, the word of mouth factor could still help the group reach this goal. Because the album continues to be a rarity in certain markets, we encourage supporters to pick up a digital copy through outlets such as iTunes. Additionally, fans can show further support by continuing to request Slaughterhouse’s single The One with local DJs. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for additional information regarding Slaughterhouse’s debut project.

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