Crooked I Pays Homage To Dr. Dre


It is no secret that if you wish to gain recognition on the West Coast, it wouldn’t hurt to grab the attention of the legendary Dr. Dre. Judging from a recently leaked record, it would appear that Crooked I is attempting to achieve this task.

Fans of Hip Hop should already be familiar with super-producer Focus’ records titled Homage to Pete Rock, Homage to DJ Premier and Homage to J Dilla. Each record pays tribute to these legendary producers by not only recreating their sound, but displaying the talents of emcees who respect their contributions to Hip Hop. In his latest installment, Focus pays tribute to the good doctor with his song Homage to Dr. Dre. While this record is incomplete, a radio rip was recently released which features the West Coast heavy weights Crooked I and Jay Rock. It is important to note that a third emcee is planned for this record, but has not yet been added. Although this release acts only as a preview to the final product, fans will certainly be blown away by it’s sound. Perhaps this track will serve as a premonition to Crooked I and Jay Rock’s future endeavors. We encourage everyone to check out the song by using the link included below.

Make certain to check out Focus’ additional tribute tracks as well. We can assure readers that they will not be disappointed by the opuses that Focus has created. Additionally, be on the look out for the full version of Homage to Dr. Dre which is set to drop in the near future. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further news updates.

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