“Microphone” Video Behind The Scenes pt. 2


As everyone knows, we are approaching the release of Slaughterhouse’s highly anticipated Microphone music video. Slaughterhouse has now released brand new behind the scenes footage to hold fans over.

While Rap Radar’s Microphone footage provides viewers with insight into director John Colombo’s vision, this recently released video display’s the group’s chemistry on the set. Slaughterhouse Web’s footage draws viewers into the super-group’s world and shows that although Slaughterhouse is serious about their business, they can enjoy themselves as well. The video does contain footage of the video shoot, but does not provide any scenes that have not already been revealed. Nevertheless, this is certainly worth the watch as fans will surely be interested in the group’s work process. We encourage everyone to use the media player included below to view the footage.

Please make certain to visit the super-group’s official website SlaughterhouseWeb.com which recently launched. Fans can find information regarding each group member as well as tour dates and an upcoming online store. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for additional Slaughterhouse updates.

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