Vote Crooked I In XXL’s “Weekly Series” Poll


In April of 2007, Crooked I launched his critically acclaimed Hip Hop Weekly series. Since it’s birth, several emcees have attempted to emulate the series. XXL Magazine now poses the question, “Which rappers had the best music series?”

There should be no denying that Crooked I started the trend of releasing a new song each week, but countless emcees have tried to claim the movement as their own. In fact, it would appear that more imitations are popping up each week since Crooked I’s launching of Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded. While some series have been successful and others have been forgotten, XXL Magazine is now asking fans to vote on their favorite. Of course we are not asking readers to discredit the other artists, but hope that Crooked I is recognized for his innovation. Please visit XXL’s official website and vote for the Boss of the West.

If you are interested in checking out past installment’s of Crooked I’s Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded series, please check out our Music archive. As always, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for all your COB related news updates.

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