Submit Your Interview Questions To Crooked I

Crooked I Cigar

One of the biggest complaints among Hip Hop fans when it comes to interviews with their favorite artists, is that the question selection is limited and sometimes irrelevant. The Circle of Bosses family has answered fans complaints, by putting the power in their hands.

It has recently been announced on that a new interview with each member of the Circle of Bosses crew will be posted on a monthly basis. Of course, it was only natural to kick off the COB Interviews series with the Boss himself. The website is now asking fans to submit their questions to Crooked I in order to customize the interview. We urge readers to take advantage of this opportunity by using the link included below.

If you are interested in checking out past interviews with Crooked I, please make certain to search our news archive. In the mean time, keep it locked for more COB related news updates.

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