Million Dollar Story iPod Giveaway

MDS iPod

The Hip Hop community is anxiously awaiting the release of Crooked I’s debut album Million Dollar Story which is set to be drop on March 22nd. While the project is still three months from it’s release, fans have already made purchases and will be rewarded for their undying support.

Gracie Productions has announced that fans who pre-order Crooked I’s Million Dollar Story will be automatically entered in an iPod Touch giveaway. Each Friday, until the album’s release, Gracie Productions will announce a new winner. The contest is beginning this week and we encourage everyone to act fast in order to be eligible for the first giveaway.

If you are interested in learning more about Gracie Productions and the Million Dollar Story iPod giveaway, please follow the label on their official Twitter account. In the mean time, pre-order your copy of Crooked I’s album by using the link included below.

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