Iceman Releases “Show Goes On” Remix


On February 25th, Iceman will hit the stage at Selma, California’s Club 99 for an epic Circle of Bosses live performance. In preparation for the upcoming show, the emcee and engineer has released a brand new track to spread awareness.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Iceman, but returned to the scene with a specially remixed version of Lupe Fiasco’s Show Goes On. As with previous releases, Iceman paints a vivid picture depicting his life through brutally honest lyrics. We are positive that fans of Iceman will be blown away by this reality music. Check out the track by using our included download link and music player.

Iceman is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album Beyond The Boards, which is said to include the emcee’s best work to date. If you are interested in learning more about Iceman, please follow him on his official Twitter account.

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