Ad-vice Drops “I’m Eatin” Music Video

Crucial Elements

In October of 2010, Ad-vice released his album Crucial Elements through digital retailers. Ad-vice is continuing to promote the album through live performances and has now released a music video to further spread awareness.

Over the past couple of month, Ad-vice has been preparing for the release of his new video and the finished product is now available to be viewed online. The video was recorded to Ad-vice’s highly popular record I’m Eatin and features a guest appearance by Bliss. Fans will recognize several familiar faces throughout the video as the C.O.B. collective joins Ad-vice in support of his project. Ad-vice is an incredibly talented artist and the new video is a perfect introduction to his music. We encourage everyone to check out the I’m Eating video by using the embedded media player.

If you are interested in learning more about Ad-vice and his music, please follow the emcee on his official Twitter account. Furthermore, please pick up a copy of the Crucial Elements album by visiting iTunes.

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