BRISK Bodega Announces Slaughterhouse Show


While Slaughterhouse is currently touring the country on this year’s “Rock The Bells” tour and has began preparing for an upcoming Canadian tour, a new performance has already been announced.

On September 17th, Slaughterhouse will be joined live on stage by their label mate Yelawolf at 159 Bleecker Street in Manhattan’s West Village. The show will be hosted by The BRISK Bodega and will celebrate the “evolution” of Shady Records. While the performance itself will be “invite only”, the venue will be open to the public during the day to showcase Shady Records’ historic memorabilia. It is sure to be an interesting event and we encourage everyone to check out the included link for further details.

Fans are encouraged to check out the BRISK Bodega’s official website for additional information on Shady Records’ joint venture with Brisk Iced Tea. In the mean time, please keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further information.

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