J-Dubb Recruits Iceman For New Music Video


Last month Iceman appeared on film as a participant in the Circle of Bosses Cypher 2011. The emcee-engineer is now featured in another video after linking up with a fellow upcoming emcee.

J-Dubb is an up-and-coming emcee representing Fresno, California who recently released a brand new music video from his latest project The G-Notes. The song Murdaflow, which features an appearance by Iceman, is a hardcore and uncut record aimed directly at the streets. Visuals for the music video were directed by Omar Ceja and the finished product is certainly on point. Please take some time to check it out by using the media player that has been included below.

If you enjoy this song and wish to learn more about J-Dubb or Iceman, please follow the two emcees on their respective Twitter accounts. Additionally, fans can download the emcees’ latest project by using the included links.

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