New K-Young Music For Valentine’s Day


Treacherous Records and Magic Ink’s singer-songwriter recently blessed his label mate One-2’s album with vocals on the song Boa Constrictor. K-Young is now releasing a brand new solo track to help celebrate the holiday.

K-Young’s latest record Candles is a slow and heartfelt record that is sure to set the mood for Valentine’s Day. The A. Roc and Evan produced track is perfectly showcases K-Young’s ability to deliver the classic R&B sound. Make sure to check this one out using the embedded music player below.

Additionally, Treacherous Records has unleashed the untagged version to K-Young and Wiz Khalifa’s Be My Girl which can be downloaded using the “bonus” link. If you are interested in learning about K-Young, please follow him on Twitter.

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Bonus: Be My Girl
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